Our permanent hygiene concept

Your health and that of our employees is particularly important to us and has been an important part of our concept from the very beginning.


In every hotel room, our special ventilation system exchanges all the air twice an hour and replaces it with fresh air,

without you having to open a window.


This fresh air is purified, it is free of dust, pollen and germs.


Before this elaborately purified air flows into your room, ions are added in a controlled manner.


- the optimum in terms of purity and health.


Naturally, we have expanded and adapted our hygiene concept.


The daily room cleaning takes place with a special disinfection.


We also disinfect the contact surfaces in our public areas.


Disinfection columns are available at our hotel entrances.


Our floors are also disinfected at regular intervals.


We assume that this concept will ensure a high level of hygiene and safety for the most beautiful time of the year.


for the most beautiful time of the year, your holiday.


It is our top priority to make your holiday as pleasant as possible.